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    13 June, 2019
Ethiopian Airlines to base Mozambique operations in Beira
Maputo, 13 Jun (AIM) – Ethiopian Airlines intends, in the near future, to move its base of operations in Mozambique from Maputo to the central city of Beira, according to the company’s representative in Mozambique, Daniel Tsige, cited in Thursday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”.

Tsige envisaged Beira as a transit airport, where people from Mozambique, or from neighbouring countries, could make connecting flights using Ethiopian Airlines.

As from 25 July, he said, Ethiopian Airlines will start direct flights, three times a week, between Beira and Addis Ababa, using a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. This will be in addition to the existing flights between Maputo and Addis Ababa.

“Since Beira is geographically in the centre of Mozambique and has an airport in good condition, it can rapidly develop into a central connecting point”, said Tsige.

He believed that people travelling to Mozambique from other countries would be able to take an Ethiopian airlines flight to Beira, and then take a flight on the company’s local subsidiary, Ethiopian Mozambique Airlines, to other Mozambican cities.

The new flights also meant that travellers from northern Mozambican cities such as Pemba, would no longer have to fly first to Johannesburg before catching planes to other countries. They could cut their journey time by making their connection in Beira

“In the near future, we also intend to fly directly from Beira to the other countries of southern Africa”, said Tsige.
  8 October, 2019  
Mozambique Rovuma Venture takes initial investment decision
Mozambique Rovuma Venture (MRV), a consortium owned by the Italian energy company ENI, the US oil and gas giant ExxonMobil, and the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), on 8 October announced its initial investment decision that includes the construction of two liquefied natural gas (LNG) pl

  8 October, 2019  
80 gas powered buses to enter service
As from February 2020, a further 80 buses powered by compressed natural gas will enter service in the Greater Maputo Metropolitan Area.

  4 October, 2019  
Maputo water shortage addressed
The Mozambican Minister of Public Works, Joao Machatine, on 3 October pledged that the problem of water shortages in the Greater Maputo area will be definitively solved by August 2020.


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