High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique


Mozambique has always asserted itself as a cultural hub with relevant international interventions in the fields of architecture, painting, music, literature and poetry.

Names such as Malangatana, Chichorro, Mia Couto and José Craveirinha, among others, have long ago been recognised outside its national boundaries. Also important as an example of the artistic and creative spirit of the Mozambican people are the different artistic expressions of which the sculpture of the Maconde people from the north of Mozambique stands out. In sport it has also asserted itself in several categories, the athlete Maria Lurdes Mutola being the outstanding example.
Ethnic Groups Mozambique has a diverse cultural environment with several ethnic groups. North of the Zambeze River the major groups are Swahili, the Makwa- Lomue, the Makwa and the Ajaua, To the south there are the Shona, Angoni, Tsonga, Chope and Bitonga groups.
Languages The linguistic diversity in Mozambique is one of its main cultural characteristics. To the majority of the population, mainly in rural areas these national idioms are the mother tongue and the one most used on a daily basis. These different national languages are all Bantu in origin and the main ones are: Cicopi, Cinyanja,Cisena, Cishona, Ciyau, Echuwabo, Ekoti, Elomwe,Gitonga,Makonde (or Shimakonde), Kimwan, Makwa (or Emakwa), Memane, Swahili (or Kiswahili), Swazi, Xi shangane, Xironga, Xitswa and Zulu